Digital Land Survey

Project Descripation

Land Surveying is a crucial task that is being carried out to enable the mapping for a particular landscape before it takes the shape of a well-defined layout. Surveying and land surveying are the two essential components of measurement that have become mandatory for any particular landscape to emerge into buildings, apartments etc. The data generated by a land surveyor becomes the important document which helps the engineers to create boundaries and land mapping which later leads to the workflow of the construction project. The process of land surveying often ensures that planning and design is done to assess the land subdivisions before it finally takes the shape of roads, utilities.

The scope of land surveying

The work in the office could involve using the sophisticated software such as autocad to draft plans and understand the onsite measurements. The land surveying does involve a whole lot of projects dealing with land subdivision, exploration of tunnel, buildings and construction to mention a few.

How land surveying has turned up as a integral component for planning and design

It goes without mentioning that we completely depend on surveying concepts for most of the land mappings. Needless to mention that professionals who deal with land surveying are quite efficient in handling the complete planning and design, which goes hand-in-hand with engineering, architecture, geological planning. Land surveyors are those professionals who make their initial steps to any construction site, measure and mapping the land as per the pre-requisite of the land owners. These preliminary mapping reports are used by the architects to understand and correlate the information to build unique landscape. It would be no exaggeration to mention that, these first hand report could eventually substantiate the engineers to decide and make the planning structure.

In a nutshell, land surveyors are those professionals who shape up the particular country's landscape

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